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MM publications is an independent publishing company, specialising in the provision of books, materials and services to support the teaching and learning of the English language. We pride ourselves on producing materials with a global reach and we take equal pride in the professional quality of our work.

Our aim is to help people learn the language of international communication while respecting the diverse needs of local communities and shaping our learning materials around a variety of individual learning styles.

We constantly strive to uphold the same uncompromising standards in order to:

  • offer innovative, creative and practical materials, and
  • earn and keep the trust of those who choose our materials.
what we publish
Books that help you move ahead more rapidly

We produce learning materials that help learners achieve language proficiency in English, develop their cognitive capabilities and acquire necessary life skills. And we are present every step of the way along this fascinating journey of language learning and teaching.


Our products include a broad spectrum of learning materials, from specific courses to suit all age groups and learning, to exam preparation support material; from books for local markets to accessible and sophisticated, interactive e-learning courses.

how we work
We work hard to make it easier for you

At MM publications, we want to be big enough to undertake the most challenging project our clients may ask for, yet small enough to maintain the loyalty and the esprit de corps that we treasure and that, we consider, make us different.


We work with authors, editors, consultants and teachers to make certain we understand the demands of different educational settings, diverse ways of learning, and the range of parameters we need to take into consideration to support teaching. We also place great emphasis on establishing a good rapport and maintaining a business conduct of high ethical standards.

And all this is done because a very simple, yet, crucial value always underpins the way we work.

Rather than assuming that we know everything about what our learners and teachers need, we have found that a close cooperation with our clients and a thorough analysis of their needs produce the best results.

Our success is not lightly achieved. We work hard to fulfill our mission of facilitating our teachers and learners in their respective undertakings.

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