Quality ELT books & e-learning
skills & exams
grammar & vocabulary
key features
  • Interesting characters presenting the grammatical structures through simple yet natural examples
  • Short and clear exercises which help learners practise the language
  • Carefully graded material providing learners with adequate practice without intimidating them
  • Colourful and amusing pictures throughout each book to stimulate learners’ interest
  • Revision units consolidating grammar
  • Unique Teacher’s Book including lesson plans, activities and games, flashcards, worksheets, key and tests
Grammar Book 1 STUDENT’S BOOK978-960-379-317-5
Grammar Book 1 TEACHER’S BOOK978-960-379-353-3
Grammar Book 2 STUDENT’S BOOK978-960-379-318-2
Grammar Book 2 TEACHER’S BOOK978-960-379-354-0
Grammar Book 3 STUDENT’S BOOK978-960-379-319-9
Grammar Book 3 TEACHER’S BOOK978-960-379-355-7
Grammar Book 4 STUDENT’S BOOK978-960-379-320-5
Grammar Book 4 TEACHER’S BOOK978-960-379-356-4
Grammar Book 5 STUDENT’S BOOK978-960-379-344-1
Grammar Book 5 TEACHER’S BOOK978-960-379-357-1
Grammar Book 6 STUDENT’S BOOK978-960-379-345-8
Grammar Book 6 TEACHER’S BOOK978-960-379-358-8

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